Shrubs With White Flowers

White has the power to make things look elegant and well-kept and things are no different when it comes to gardens and landscapes. By planting white flowering shrubs your garden will attract attention because of the powerful contrast and elegance. Use your imagination, plant them as foundation, borders or hedges, really, the sky is your limit, because white flowers go well with any other colours.

There are many white flowering shrubs but one of the most popular is Bridal Wreath Spirea because of the low maintenance and the interesting flowers which bloom in tiny bouquets before leaves appear. It should be kept in average soil and full sunlight, pruned once in a while to keep its shape.

If you don’t have a full sunlit area then you can opt for the Natchez Crape Myrtle, the tallest crape myrtle, which grows into a tree with many trunks.

If “tall” is not your type then you should know that there are small white flowering shrubs also. One of them is Little Henry, with tube-like fragrant flowers. It needs moist soil and sunlight, but there is no need for regular watering.

Another one is Annabelle Hydrangea which is easily adaptable to any type of soil as long as it’s kept in partial or full sunlight – it even withstands harsh winters and powerful wind. Its flowers are very interesting, the small blooms clustered together to form a bigger flower, up to 12 inches big.

Appreciated for its fragrance as well as for its flowers, Anne Russel Viburnum grows up to 8 feet tall and is most beautiful during April, with flowers fully bloomed, from pale pink to white then red during autum. Even its foliage attracts attention because of the shiny, green leaves.

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