Choosing Evergreen Shrubs For Your Garden

Evergreen shrubs are becoming more and more popular as landscaping choice, mostly used for the privacy they offer all year round (because they don’t shed their foliage) or as lawn, while the flowering species are used as ornaments. They generally grow up to 5 or 6 m tall, best in sunny places, and they can be identified because of their wider bases.

The Euonymus is native to Korea, Japan and China, producing white flowers contrasted to waxy green foliage; it flourishes in the shade of big trees and is drought tolerant.

Another drought tolerant shrub is the Oregon Grape – which actually resembles the Holly. It grows up to 3-10 feet and is one of the rare plants that can grow with pine trees.

Also used as a topiary plant, the Common Boxwood can grow up to 15 feet, has scented matte green leaves and can be pruned to whatever shape you want because of its tolerance to close shearing.

A common hedge plant is the American Arborvitae; it has dense foliage and grows up to 40 feet tall so prune it accordingly or else it will grow out of control.

If it is effect you want, then we think you’d prefer a variegated evergreen shrub, known for their colourful leaves. The Aucuba has shiny yellow and green leaves and grows to be 10 feet tall, while the Liriope is used as ground cover. One of the best landscaping shrubs is the Mop Cypress which can grow up to 5 feet tall.

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