Types of herbicides

Herbicides are commonly used to get rid of any nasty weeds. They can be classified as selective and non-selective and can be purchased at any garden center or from the market.

About selective herbicides

The selective herbicide is manufactured in such a way that it will only affect certain weeds, leaving other plants unharmed.

A herbicide that is made to kill crabgrass will not affect other plants or weeds other than crabgrass. Selective herbicides are the most commonly by homeowners who don’t want to kill all the plants on their lawn.

About non-selective herbicides

The non selective herbicides are made to eradicate any plants they touch. They are generally used to wipe off large areas of weeds that have grown and taken over the lawn. These herbicides are not so frequently used by homeowners, as they affect every plant in the area, and will kill beneficial plants as well.

Because weeds will tend to resist herbicides if they are frequently exposed to the same type, it is best you use different brands of herbicides every once in a while.

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