About gazebo basics

Gazebos are usually used for resting and gathering places in gardens and yards. These are round or oval structured that do not have walls, but they do have a roof. Gazebos represent one of the most popular DIY projects in gardens, and this is why you should know a few basic things.


First of all, you will need to choose a style for your gazebo. Be it Victorian-styled gazebo or just an Oriental-style one, you will still need to determine how it will integrate in your garden and how well will it complement with your house.


It’s also very important to choose the perfect place for your gazebo. It needs to have an ample clearance for surrounding shrubbery and trees. It also needs to permit light to near plants. Have in mind that you will need an electrical line for it.


When you choose the design for your gazebo, make sure that you design it for easy access. Design open paths and strategically placed plants. These will direct the visitors into the gazebo. They will also define the landscape of the garden.

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