How to build a wrought iron gazebo

Building a wrought iron gazebo in your yard can add value to your home. It’s much easier to buy a kit than to try and cut it yourself which can prove to be a very hard job. Even if the kits contain pieces of many styles and sizes, the guide that you will receive will help you assemble a great wrought iron gazebo.

How to build the dome

All kits have four quarter pieces. Assemble them two by two in the order they will be in the final gazebo and then do the same for the two halves.

How to attach the posts

First, you have to connect one pole to the dome using nuts and bolts. The foot has to be attached to the pole before you turn the dome around for the next pole and foot. Repeat this process until all poles and feet have been attached to the gazebo.

How to finish touches

If you want to assemble some ornamental decorations, this would be the perfect moment. You can also make it more rustic by adding some vining plant or two. The best choice of plants would be those that can be rooted and wrapped around the posts in the same time. You can wrap as many legs as you want as long as you make sure the plants are firmly planted.

How to lift the gazebo into place

Take a few more people and put the gazebo up on its legs. It’s a heavy structure so make sure that there are enough people to easily lift it

How to plant your vining plants

If you want plants wrapped on your gazebo, now it would be the perfect time to put them into the ground and make sure they are easily accessible.

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