Waterproofing your gazebo panels

Gazebos are the most common recreational places in gardens, and because they are located outside, they are prone to deterioration. One of the most important things that you can do is make the gazebo panels waterproof.  Water and wind are two of the most dangerous enemies for wood.

Here are a few steps on how to waterproof your wood gazebo panels:

Take the panels off

Before applying the waterproofing solution, you will need to remove the panels from the gazebo structure. This will make it easier for you and it will allow you to treat the gazebo wood as well.

Caring the frame

Now it’s time to do a little inspection. Look for traces of deterioration. Use a sand paper to sand the affected areas. Also leave the panels to dry in the sun for a few hours.

Laying the tarp

Before you start applying the treatment, you will need to lay some tarp on the ground in order to lay the panels on it. You do not want to lay them directly on the ground.

First coat

Now you are ready to apply the first coat of waterproofing solution. Use a waterproofing spray substance to do this. Hold the can 8 inches away from the canvas and at an angle. Make a sweeping motion and go from one side to another. Cover the entire canvas then let it dry.

Second coat

After the first coat has dried, you can start applying the second one. Use the same technique as you did on the first coat.

Reattaching the panels

After you have finished applying the waterproofing substance on the panels and the coats have dried, you can take them back and reattach them to the gazebo frame.

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