Automatic plant watering system

There are many factors that affect the healthy growth of a plant from water, to soil and air. You need to find the right amount of each to make your plants thrive. In case in leave the town for a while, using an automatic watering system is the solution for your plants.

First of all you must cluster your plants around a stool positioned on the ground. Make sure the stool is higher than the plant containers. Place a bucket of water on the stool. The quantity varies depending on the number of plants you have. 5 gallons of water are usually enough for 14 days of watering.

Measure the distance between the bucket and each  plant container. Cut a candle wick 4 inches longer than each distance. The higher the bucket and the larger the diameter of the wick, the faster the water will reach the pots. Make a small 1 inch hole in soil of each plant and place a wick into the hole.

Tie the wicks in knots. This applies for the end that is inside the water bucket. The soil will absorb the necessary amount of water. Each time it dries out, because of the capillary action, it will refill itself from the bucket, taking water through the wicks.

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