Drip irrigation system installation process

An automatic drip irrigation system can assure your garden the water it needs to thrive. The system must preserve water as much as possible and irrigate the area as efficient as possible. It will save you money and time.

Tools and materials

  • Drip irrigation system Kit
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Work Gloves

Start off by choosing the drip irrigation system kit. It must have the proper length and watering capacity to fulfill your irrigation needs. Purchase a system that has a timer to automatize the irrigation process. Next you must make sure you have a nearby outdoor faucet that functions properly. Ease the installation process by mounting a Y-shaped adapter to the water faucet. The single end is connected to the faucet and the other two ends can fit the irrigation hose and another hose used for other tasks.

You need to measure the area that requires irrigation and plan each emitter’s position, according to each plant. Using an emitter to water 2 plants can also be done, but the emitters must be 6 inches away from the plant base. Now you must connect the irrigation lines. Lay down the tubes and cut them to the right size. Use 1/8 inch connectors to attach the main tubes to the emitters.

Connect the rest of the pieces in the kit to the water faucet in the following order:

  1. “Y” connector
  2. Timer
  3. Life back flow/pressure unit
  4. Hose thread adapter
  5. Harden hose
  6. Another hose thread adapter
  7. Drip irrigation line

Now, test the system turning it on. Make sure the timer is on and set to manual. If the emitters start spraying water like small fountains, the system works properly. You can adjust the pressure of the system if needed. Inspect the system for any leaks but first switch the timer off. If you find leaks between the emitters and the connectors, there’s a chance you aren’t using the right type of adapters. Use pipe threaded adapters and if this isn’t the issue, you can fix the leaks using water resistant tape.

Last but not least, set the timer to run for about 20 minutes daily. Regulate the timer if the amount of water needed is larger or smaller.

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