Proper drip irrigation systems

Depending on the climate in your area, you can choose one of the best 6 drip irrigation systems available.


The drip irrigation system is used in semi-desert and desert climates as well as in backyard greenhouses. It consists of piping, tubing and other components that help deliver the water directly to the root of the plant.

This way water is used more efficient and isn’t wasted through evaporation. Also molds and mildew have a lower chance of appearing because of this irrigation system.

Growing conditions

Drip irrigation system can be used pretty much anywhere from sandy, dry soils to moist soils. Water quantity and flow is increased or decreased depending on the soil. Depending on the elevation of the land, pumps can be installed to transport water upwards and wide pipes with membranes can be used to transport water downhill at a slower rate.

Active time

The irrigation system should be used when outside weather is cool, preferably in the morning or after sunset. In the case of subsurface drip irrigation, the system can be active all day because the soil on top of the system doesn’t heat as fast. Irrigation systems in greenhouses can also function all day.


The most efficient drip irrigation system for greenhouses is the micro-tubing type which assures plants the water they need in any type of weather and reduce the water spraying on leaves and other parts of the plants.


Even in desert farms, the drip irrigation system is very effective because of its capability of efficiently transporting water directly to the roots of the plants with reduced runoff and evaporation. The systems consist of large pipes that use spray emitters to deliver the water and reduce clogging. The system is easy maintainable and reduces weed growth.

Drip tape

This irrigation system is an underground system that transports not only water but also fertilizers to the plant. The fertilizer reaches the plant entirely, none of it infiltrating and losing its benefits in the soil.

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