Greenhouse drip irrigation system

Even if the drip irrigation system is a very efficient method of watering your plants, some issues may occur. They can be solved by yourself, having the proper knowledge.

Electric valve issues

A wrong sized valve, or a clogged valve is an easily fixable issue.

All you need to do is replace the valve and clean or replace the valve diaphragm if clogged.

Pressure regulator issues

A pressure regulator can often clog with dirt over time. You need to wash and clean it in order to function properly. Also, if the regulator leaks or has signs of damage, it must be replaced at once.

Battery controlled operator issues

If the battery controlled operator doesn’t function properly, you must make sure the controller contact touches the battery and the battery clip is upwards. If these methods fail, replace the battery.

Dripper or micro sprinkler issues

Make sure the filter isn’t clogged. Clean or replace it if necessary. Also, Very high, or very low pressure can cause problems to the irrigation system. Clean or replace the dripper if needed. Inspect the sprinkler nozzle and the pressure regulator for any problems.  A faulty pressure regulator can case drippers or micro sprinklers to pop out of the line. Keep any filters, faucet adapters and drippers clean in order to allow them to function properly. Use chlorine solution to clean the micro sprinklers and drippers in order to prevent calcium deposits from clogging them.

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