Irrigation system installation

Every homeowner wants to have his yard, plants and lawn looking beautiful and healthy. For this, an automatic irrigation system is mandatory.

First of all you have to measure the area you need to be irrigated.

Using chalk, draw the lines of the area, marking around any flower beds and other objects. Irrigation systems will be positioned in this areas.

Make sure you inform yourself on irrigation systems before starting anything. You need to make sure the sprinklers have the recommended space between them and the system is designed properly. Use the internet and the irrigation system manufacturer’s manual to plan the project properly.

The irrigation system will consist of PVC pipes. Primer and glue must be used to attach them together. Place the pipes in the ditches and tape the ends of the pipes. Depending on the design, you will use elbows, couplers and tees in the system. Install a drain valve at the lowest level of the system and attach the pipes to the main line.

Install an auto valve for each branch line pipe. The valves should be close to the main water source. Each branch will support an exact number of sprinklers depending on the design. Install wires for each valve and an auto timer next to the closest electrical outlet. The wires must be waterproof.

The local utility company will help you with the system design so that you can avoid underground gas pipes, electric lines and water pipes. You may have to change the design depending on the placement of the pipes and lines.

It is recommended to rent a ditch digger for digging out trenches. The ditches should be 12-18 inches deep and 12 inches wide. The sprinklers should be buried below the frost line.

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