Irrigation system controller installation

Automated irrigation systems are great for watering your lawn or garden. The system uses a controller and a timer to regulate the moment when the main valve must be opened to deliver the water to the system.  This makes it more easy to water your plants without having to take care of the actual process.

First of all you must attach a black flow preventer to the water hose that is connected to the main water source. The preventer will not allow any water in the system to reenter the main water source system. Use a hose connector to attach the irrigation controller to the back flow preventer.

Next, you must connect a pressure regulator to the valve of the irrigation controller. Use a hose connector for this task. The pressure regulator will regulate the amount of water delivered in the system. Use an irrigation tubing fitting to attach the pressure regulator to the irrigation tube. Test the system turning the faucet on. Make sure the emitters drip water and don’t spray. Check the soil daily to assure that the soil has absorbed the water properly. Let the system run daily for 30 minutes. Change the timer depending on your needs.

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