Modern patio designs


Modern patios aren’t only enhancing the beauty of the surrounding landscape. They can become real works of art now with the new furniture designs that offer comfort and beauty.

The purpose of the patio determines what decorations you will use.

If you wish to use your patio for relaxations, you can place some benches, tables and chairs in a fashionable way, so you can enjoy the landscape and have a casual conversation with your family and friends.

The furniture you will choose must be able to resist natural factors like heat, rainwater, wear and tear. Marble furniture is extremely resistant but also very expensive. If you can’t afford it, choose from wood, wicker, iron and concrete furniture.

Wood furniture is popular, especially because it blends in with nature nicely. The disadvantage of the wood furniture is that it requires frequent maintenance so that it withstands rainwater. Bringing the furniture in and out of the house each time it starts and stops raining is too big of an inconvenient.

Wicker furniture perfectly blends in with the natural landscape and has a high resistance to wear and tear as well to rough weather condition.

New-age furniture pieces made of iron are the most durable of all and offer the patio a 18th century look. This type of furniture can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Common in Japan and Philippines, concrete furniture is resistant and looks great once finishing touches are applied. It is usually used as an alternative to more expensive marble furniture pieces.

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