Do Your Own Paving

If you want to do something different to your front yard, give it a certain something, why don’t you try paving your walkway, driveway or patio? Instead of classical asphalt or cement go for paved patterns – there are different styles, colors, materials and price range. You can also save up by doing it yourself, you just need to rent some equipment and you’re ready to go.

Take measurements – multiply the length and the width and you have the total surface.

When buying the material be sure to add 5-10% more just in case – the employees at the store will also help you. Get the paving blocks which are at least 2 inches thick if it’s a walkway or a patio, or at least 4 inches if it’s the driveway you are paving.

You need to prepare the surface. Remove all rocks, grass and loose soil, then flatten the surface with a plate vibrator. After you’ve layered the ground with bedding sand (also known as river/sharp sand) – 1 inch deep for walking and 2 inch deep for driving, use the plate vibrator again to compact it. Use a level across the surface and fill the uneven areas with sand and compact again.

Now arrange the tiles in the pattern you want, leaving 1/5 inch gaps for the non-brick pavers and tamping them with a rubber mallet. Cut where necessary, using a tool according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Cover them with four parts dry sand and one part dry cement; force the mixture into the seams with a hard-bristle brush and then remove the excess. Spray with water and then let it dry – do not use it before it has properly dried.

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