Find out the number of tiles for a project

If your project is about adding tile on a site of your home, you will have to determine the number of tiles you will need. Due to the different sizes of the tiles you could think that this task is complicated, but with a few simple steps everything can be very simple.
There are two ways to go: estimate the area or the number of tiles.

Here are the steps to take if you estimate by area:

  • Use a measuring tape and measure the length of the site. If it’s not a whole number, round it to the next foot;
  • Do the same for the width of the area;
  • Multiply the length number by the width measurement;
  • The previous result must be multiplied by 0.15.

With the amount of area now calculated check the package and see if the product will cover what you have.

When you estimate by number of tiles do the following:

  • Find out the length of the site in inches with a measuring tape;
  • Do the same to measure the width. Don’t forget to write down the numbers;
  • The measured length must be divided by the tile’s length;
  • The measured width must be divided by the width of the tile, written on the package;
  • Multiply the numbers found at the previous two steps and determine the total number of tails. Raise the result with a few extra tiles for unknown situations.

Tip: If the area is not square or rectangular, divide it into small shapes of rectangles. Measure the areas of the formed sectors. Add together the results and you will obtain the total number for the area.

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