Far infrared sauna therapy removes mercury accumulations

Mercury is the most dangerous non-radioactive heavy metal that can seriously damage our health. Recent studies have proven that one of ten American women present the risk to have a baby born with neurological problems because of mercury exposure. It is to be noticed that there are three types of mercury: organic mercury, inorganic mercury compounds and elemental mercury.

Organic mercury can get into the human body through our stomach, skin and lungs.

Inorganic mercury compounds can enter the human body through our skin or stomach if swallowed. It can cause irritation and corrosion to our mucus membranes, eyes and skin.

Elemental mercury is a liquid that produces mercury vapors when the temperature is proper. It can get into human body if inhaled or through our skin. Mercury is very dangerous because repeated exposure can cause poisoning. Mercury poisoning presents three important symptoms:

 Problems with the gum

When mercury poisoning happens, our gum becomes springy and soft, our teeth slacken and more saliva is produced.

Strange changes

Mercury poisoning can cause strange mood changes without any logical reason, such as: irritability, fear, anxiety, depression, annoyance or aptly. Severe cases can also present hallucinations or memory loss.

 Damage of the nervous system

The first symptom of mercury poisoning is tremor which occurs in the tongue, eyelids and hands. Researchers consider that there is  a close connection between mercury and Alzheimer’s disease, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, etc. also, this heavy metal affects our nervous system by damaging neurons and the transmission of signals in the brain.

It is to be noticed that mercury is present also in contact lens solution, waterproof mascara, fabric softener and even in dental amalgam fillings. This fact suggests that we are exposed to inhaling mercury all the time, twenty-four hours per day, all year long. And this continuous exposure has a devastating effect on our health mostly because some of our internal organs store the absorbed mercury.

Although many people try to avoid using amalgam fillings by replacing them with composite fillings, which are not toxic, it is not enough to remove mercury from our bodies. We still need a way to detoxify our bodies completely. And the best way to get rid of mercury accumulations and other toxins in our bodies is to take sauna baths as often as possible.

Health researchers recommend far infrared saunas, also known as soft heat sauna or radiant heat sauna because the temperatures inside are more tolerable than those that traditional Finnish saunas provide.

Another reason to choose far infrared saunas instead of traditional Finnish ones is that the sweat produced in a far infrared sauna contains much more toxins and less water. Recent studies have proven that far infrared sauna baths are more effective in detoxifying our bodies.

If you present any of the mercury poisoning symptoms or you just want to improve your health by using far infrared sauna therapy, ask the help of your health professional. Also, inform yourself very well about this therapy room in order to choose a far infrared sauna type that is proper for you.

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