The positive effects of a negative ion generator

Every bather knows how beneficial far infrared sauna is and how much it can improve your life. Besides the fact that regular infrared sauna sessions strengthen one’s immunity, they also improve heart function and increase blood circulation without affecting blood pressure. At the same time, this therapy helps your body to get all toxins out through perspiration and improves the aspect of the skin.

Muscular pains, headaches and other unpleasant symptoms are also treated using far infrared sauna.

Due to all these health beneficial that far infrared sauna provides many people use very frequently this therapy room. But there is one important accessory that contributes to a total satisfaction while taking a far infrared sauna bath – the oxygen ionizer or the negative ion generator.

In order to understand better the work principles of the negative ion generator, we should try to explain that an ion is an atom or a molecule which has an electrical charge and at the same time, has gained or lost an electron.

An atom that has one extra electron is a positive ion while an atom that has less one atom is a negative ion. One half of the ions in nature are created by radioactive gases while the other half are produced by plants, waterfalls, radioactive substances in the soil, ultraviolet rays, air friction and cosmic rays.

Although the name suggests that negative ions could have negative effects it’s not true at all. On the contrary, if for example the air we breathe is charged with too many positive ions and less negative ions it is not very healthy.

The air charged with many negative ions will prevent the risk of heart attacks, allergies, insomnia, anxiety and arthritis.

Negative ions are very beneficial for humans because they purify and increase the oxygen flow in the air. This is why negative ion generators are used to ameliorate the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems.

Negative ions can also prevent irritation symptoms such as throat infection, cough or sneeze. The most important generators in nature are the ocean surf, waterfalls and lightning. The presence of negative ions in the lightning for example can help control serotonin level that causes depression, mood disorders and seasonal affective disorder.

There are also other health benefits of the negative ions such as:

–          reduced neurosis

–          enhanced heart function

–          lower pulse rate

–          faster physical recovery

–          stronger bones

–          revitalized cell metabolism

–          healthier digestion

–          improved mental function

People who want to take advantage of this breathing therapy should use far infrared saunas accessorized with a negative ion generator.

If you already own a far infrared sauna you can achieve a negative ion generator separately. Besides the fact that it is an investment for the future, a negative ion generator will improve your health and life considerably.

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