Hot tub and spa hydrotherapy

From the past decades, people discovered the benefits of the spa and hot tub.

First it was a Roman way to socialize and a Japanese way to meditate and now is brought to our homes. A hydro-massage it’s the perfect cure, relaxing and calming you, after a hard day of work and as you know, spending some time in hot water is invigorating.

When the temperature of the water stays somewhere between 100-104 degree Fahrenheit, the circulation it’s stimulated by slowing the pulse, dilating blood vessels, and stirring the heart for more efficiency. The best period of the hot tubs was in 1970s, even though people still like them for many reasons. They blend in beautiful because the wood goes very well in a natural environment with plants and trees. They have one of the biggest water capacities and that means a bigger soak. The musty scent and the calming feeling will make you enjoy it. A reason for which the hot tubs are not preferred is that it could shelter bacteria so you need to frequently drain and scrub. It’s good if you don’t overuse the hygiene chemicals for not damaging the wood and also you need to be careful that your tub will not dry out. It doesn’t matter if you have good care of your hot tub because eventually it will start leaking. You can raise the age of it with 15 years by using redwood and with 30 by using expensive and high-quality teak. All the problems made people to develop the spas from actually nothing but concrete blocks in ground. Because of the smoothing difficulty and the accumulation of dirt, the idea of poured concrete use appeared and then gunite use, a mix of sand and cement. As technology evolved, the thermoplastic spa was made.

Spas are not just much pricier than hot tubs, but they are harder to install and you may need the help of a contractor for the electrical installation. With time, the number of people with spas increases. Portable spas are cheaper then the normal spas and they are also self-equipped with all you need. A portable spa is considered more of an equipment than an improvement for the house. That is the reason you don’t need to pay taxes and you don’t need a building permit. Because it weights 300-500 pounds, you can move it to different locations by using just manpower. Thanks to the technology and art, the benefits of the spa and hot tub are brought to a larger range of people. Now we have a big range of choices and we can choose what ever type we want, like the material (wood, plastic, cement), if we want it portable or not, deep or shallow. All this options helps us to find the perfect choice for our homes and the perfect way to forget about the stress of our lives.

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