Portable sauna

A portable sauna must serve the same purpose as the bigger models, to cure aches, pains and ailments.

How to use

Firstly you need to choose from one of two portable saunas:

  • Dry saunas use far infrared heat waves when functioning. The device has fitted ceramic heating emitters.
    It can be found in different styles, from body fitting bags to rooms with installed seating. This type of saunas usually runs on 373 watts of power.
  • Wet saunas will work by creating steam that has a temperature of 45 degrees C. These saunas need to be placed above a hot tub. The area is enclosed to trap the steam and work as efficiently as possible.


The portable saunas have many advantages because of their style. They are light, easy to use and store. They also heat up faster than larger saunas, using electrical outlets. For people who suffer of claustrophobia, portable saunas come with an optional head cover. The portable saunas have the same healthy effects as the larger saunas.

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