What health researchers believe about sauna therapy?

Not only doctors, health researchers and professionals are aware of the fact that regular sauna baths improve blood circulation, strengthen immunity, increase the production of white and red blood cells, help detoxifying human body, etc, but also ordinary people.

Recent studies have also proven that sauna therapy can help people who have a higher risk to develop a heart disease. These people usually have diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or they smoke.

During a sauna session, the blood vessels expand and contract and the blood pressure improves; sauna heat help people to lose on weight by burning out calories and fats and fast blood sugar levels.

At the beginning, researchers have tested the benefits of sauna baths on hamsters; the result demonstrated that hamsters with heart diseases that received sauna therapy lived for a longer period of time than those who did not receive any sauna therapy.

German researchers also studied kindergarten kids; they took sauna baths every day for two weeks. As a result to sauna therapy, these kids proved to have a stronger immunity to upper respiratory problems, colds and infections.

Other studies have proven that the heat in the sauna produced by throwing water on the hot rocks is also beneficial for humans because the air charges with negative ions. If the air we breathe is charged with a large amount of positive ions and a small amount of negative ions is not very healthy.

Russian researchers believe that somebody who has taken a sauna bath for 15 years every day is much healthier than people who have never used this therapy room.

Many health professional from all over the world agree that regular sauna baths has positive effects on people who have different diseases or health disorders and also help healthy people to maintain their wellness.

No matter whom you are and where you live, try to talk to a health professional in order to find out how beneficial sauna sessions are if you have any health problem or if you are healthy and you want to keep your well-being.

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