The beneficial effects of far infrared saunas on fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia or “aching-all over disease” is a health disorder which causes pain, tenderness and stiffness of muscles, joints and tendons. It can also be associated with fatigue and sleep disorders. A patient suffering from fibromyalgia usually feels pain in the neck, shoulders, back and hands.

In order to be able to diagnose this disease, patients should have felt pain for at least 90 days in 11 of 18 tender muscle sites. The knees, the hips and the rib cage are three of the most affected muscle sites.

There are also other symptoms that characterize fibromyalgia such as:

– headaches

– depression

– allergies

– anxiety

– tender skin

– irritable bowel symptoms

– Carpal tunnel syndrome.

In America, there are around six million people stricken by this disease; women are the most susceptible to fibromyalgia. The causes of fibromyalgia are still disputed by medical professionals. Some of them believe that the post-traumatic fibromyalgia is caused by a fall or a back stain.

Others consider that mercury poisoning, pesticides and silicone from breast implants can make fibromyalgia symptoms occur.

Although nobody knows for sure why does this health disorder appears, doctors agree that regular far infrared sauna baths are very useful for fibromyalgia sufferers because they provide a combination of treatments to ameliorate and even treat this disease such as: heat therapy, relaxation and mild exercise. Far infrared heat stimulates the production of white blood cells, enzyme, beta-endorphin and increases at the same time cardiovascular activity.

Dr. Nenah Sylver believes that sauna is essential for people affected by fibromyalgia. Actually, there are almost no health problems that far infrared sauna baths cannot improve or even solve.

Fibromyalgia sufferers are advised to use only far infrared and not traditional Finnish saunas because the temperature inside a far infrared sauna or heat radiant sauna is much more tolerable.

Medical professionals believe that far infrared saunas are the best treatment for fibromyalgia and for every disease or health disorder.

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