Basic information about window glaze

Window glaze offers an extra insulation and is a help in keeping the glass in the frame. It is applied to the peripheric edge of the outer side of the window. Glazing the window yourself is much cheaper and you can do it easily by reading the following advices and information.

When you go out to buy the glaze read the instructions and see how long it takes for it to dry out. The application lasts about an hour, but there are products that take 2 weeks to complete.

Before you start glazing the window, remove the old coat. You need a heat gun or a torch. Be careful because this action can be dangerous, especially if you must climb a ladder to reach the window. Due to the high temperature, the glass can break, so protect it against the heat. If you are not sure you can do it, find a replacement or hire a handyman that can help you accomplish the task.

The next step is to inspect the frame for defects. If it is damaged or falls apart, you need to replace it.
Now we go back a little at the moment when you buy the glaze. Beside it’s dry time, you have to choose a type. You have at hand several options, but the cheapeast and easiest to work with is the putty glaze. In order to apply it, roll it in your hand while wearing gloves.
A more expensive option can be the caulk glaze. It requires a caulk gun to be applied. It is a good choice if you have a window that is hard to reach.
Of course, you can choose not to take the above steps on your own if you are not comfortable with the usage of ladders, heat and heavy windows. Hire a professional that can apply the glaze and seal the window properly.

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