How to paint a window frame

A fresh color to your window frame can change the whole look of the room. Painting the frame is very easy and the area that you must cover consists of the wood that surrounds the glass, including the window apron and trim. The regular choice is a glossy paint, but you can use any color you like and matches the trim (that is, if you don’t paint it all in the same color).

Here are a few easy steps for you to complete this task:

  • Clean the frame, use sandpaper to repair the chipped areas or places where paint has build up.
  • Cover the glass to protect it from the paint. Use for this newspaper and tape and be sure to leave no uncovered spots. Put tape around the trim so you won’t paint the wall too.
  • If you are dealing with a new window, first prime the surface. After it dries proceed with the painting. You won’t need a primer if there is a coat of paint already.
  • Mix the can of paint and apply it on the frame. Don’t use too much or the window will be painted shut.

Leave the window frame to dry for 24 hours. Afterwards, remove the protection off the window glass. Check if the paint has outflowed.

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