Maintenance of wood casement windows

The most common type of casement window used for homes is the wood one. They are easy to customize and paint. Another benefit is that wooden casement windows have energy efficiency.

Here are some steps on how to maintain this type of windows for the best performance and nice look.

If the wood has been affected by rot, you will have to replace the window. If you own a house with historical value you can attempt to fix the wood. A thing that you must not do is to paint over rotted areas.

Regularly, paint the exterior of the windows to prevent rot from attacking the wood. As for the interior, it is recommended to paint the windows as often as the walls. If you observe signs of peeling, chipping or flaking, apply paint instantly. But, first, sand off the old paint. This helps you see if there is any rot into the sash or frame.

Caulking can be found on the window on the outside and sometimes on the inside where the frame meets the glass. If you observe a lift of the caulking, you need to replace it. When you peel off the old caulking, be careful not to do so to the paint from the frame or sash. With a light cleaner wipe off the window and the wood. Reapply new caulking around the frame according to the instructions.

In the case of old windows, hinges may have rotted due to the paint that has fallen off them. If the rusting is too severe, replace the hinges completely. In such a case make sure that you have the right type of screws to fit the holes.

You open the casement window by using a crank. If the part is damaged, read the manual for instructions. It may be the case to replace the old crank with a new piece.

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