Decorative Window Shutters Which Are Durable

The durability of decorative shutters depends on the type of material they are made from. Since they cannot be closed or opened, and are only used to improve the appeal of a building, they are also smaller in size than functional shutters.
You have many materials to choose from, including vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and cedar.

Vinyl shutters are made from PVC and they are very durable, lightweight and resistant to water. They are called faux shutters because they look similar to wood shutters and are made 100% from vinyl. They are cheaper, easier to maintain and last longer than traditional wood shutters.

There is also a combination of wood and vinyl which are called faux wood shutters. They can be single or multiple panel designs, even arched shutters to suit the needs of those who have arched windows – you can choose from classic or raised panel shutters. The louvers on all of them are usually fixed, the classics usually consisting in vertical sheets of PVC joined with horizontal ones to give a more traditional look to your house.

Also low-maintenance are fiberglass shutters. Though costly they are shrink, chip and warp resistant and once you’ve got them, you’ve got them forever. They come in various shapes and sizes and you can choose the color you want, just make sure it matches the exterior of your house. Get them in classic or raised panel, board and battle styles of fixed louvers and they will give a touch of luxury to your home.

More reasonably priced are decorative aluminum shutters, but as durable as they can get and maintenance free. No matter if you choose fixed louver style or pay a little extra for the board and batten they will last you a lifetime as they can withstand even hurricanes.

Still, the most common type of decorative shutters used is cedar shutters. Cedar is used because it is a very resistant wood, against water and pests, as it is rich in tannin (a pest repellent) and oils that keeps it from decaying. Because of this they are warp and chip resistant also. They come in various sizes or they can be custom made to suit your needs and style.

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