Attractive colors to decorate rooms for boys

Parents who have boys know that their sons are very pretentious when it comes to their rooms. That it is why you should pay enough attention when choosing the color scheme to decorate your boy’s room. Always avoid using feminine colors like pink for this purpose because boy do not like them.

At the same time, make sure you do not paint the walls in a color that makes it look childish. Usually, boys prefer their room to look sober. A good idea is to choose a color scheme made of two or three colors for a more attractive look. Let us see some color ideas you can use to decorate the room for your boy.

Choosing colors for a boy’s room

There are many colors and themes you can use to decorate the room for a boy. Your choice depends on your boy’s personality, tastes and age. If you are expecting a boy, creamy and bright tones are the perfect option for your purpose. You should know that in a few years, when your child is not a baby anymore, he would not like these colors anymore. And believe me, children grow very fast! That it is why you should choose colors like yellow and brown to decorate his room. Also, decide on the interior theme of the room. Racing cars is a nice theme you can use for the room. But, if you already have a son, take into account his hobbies when decorating his room. For example, if he likes sports, use this hobby as a theme for his room. You can also use other interesting themes depending on his likes such as cartoons, space, superhero, etc.

If your boy is not a baby anymore you can ask his opinion before making any choice. Opting for a theme and color scheme he likes is the best way to make him happy with his room. As for the finishes, pick up a semi-gloss one instead of a flat finish because it does not require any special care.  More than that, semi-gloss finishes are long lasting and easy to maintain.

Boyish colors

Here are some nice colors you can use to decorate the room for a boy.

One of the most popular colors used to decorate a boy’s room is blue. Besides the fact that this is a tranquil and shooting color, blue works well with any furniture style and accessories. For a great effect, pick up light tones of cobalt, ocean blue or navy to paint the walls. If you opt for deep blue for the walls, decorate the room with furniture in a light color.

Another suitable color for a boy’s room is gray, especially if you combine it with designs in a bright color. Using just gray can make the room look quite boring and uninteresting. Also, use only medium or light tones of gray because darker shades can make the room look small. For example, paint the walls in a light tone of gray and create a collage of three bright colors such as red, blue and green.

If you want to make the room bright and lively, use yellow to decorate the walls. This color is very suitable for small rooms because it reflects the light, thus creating the illusion of a larger space. A good idea is to paint the walls in a light tone of yellow. For a more attractive look, decorate the walls with colorful and dark themes. Yellow can be combined with any other color you love.

Red is a good option when it comes to decorating the room for a boy. You can combine dark or medium tones of this color with beige, brown, black, white or even gray. Another great idea is to paint one wall in red and keep the rest of them in cream, gray or any other neutral shad that you like. To complement the room, add a red chair, lampshade and red sheets for the bed.

If you have doubts about the colors mentioned before, you will never go wrong with a neutral color like cream. The best part about this color is that it works well with darker colors. Paint the walls in a nice tone of cream and accessorize the room with some dark items to balance these two colors.

If you want to give the room a masculine aspect, pick up brown for the walls. Light tones of medium chocolate or beige are a good choice to paint the room of a boy. You can even have cream walls and add brown stripes painted on them.

Boyish themes for a boy’s room

If you choose a theme like “Pirates of Caribbean”, paint the walls in the colors of the ocean and decorate them with characters from this movie. For a more attractive aspect, achieve a bed that looks like a boat.

Another great theme your boy will love is space. In order to make his room look like “Star Trek”, paint the walls in such a way that they look like galaxies, decorate the ceiling with fluorescent stars and planets and use an Apollo bed set.

If your boy still loves watching cartoons, decorate his room with toys and the walls with painted cartoons. The most popular theme used for a boy’s room is race cars. Paint different race cars on the walls and achieve a car-shaped bed to complement the look. Fill the shelves with car and truck toys for a more interesting look.

After you finish with painting the room, make sure you choose proper furniture. As your son grows up, he will need more and more storage space. So, keep this thing in mind when choosing furniture for his room.

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