Themes for a tropical bedroom

We will all love being at a beach and enjoying the sun all year long. Now it is possible by decorating the bedroom in a tropical theme. By choosing the right colors, furniture and accessories, you will create the relaxing and joyful atmosphere founded on a tropical island.

Tropics mean beaches and rainforests and those are the central factors we use in designing a tropical bedroom. Here are some innovative ideas:

Bedrooms with beach themes

Beaches are the places where people lie and enjoy the sun, the sea and the breeze. You can reproduce this feeling by painting the walls in light, warm colors such as sea blue, yellow or light green. This combination will enlighten the room. You can also use sea-wave-like texture on the walls.

The furniture can be covered with sea-blued colored bed sheets and pillows or sea-wave-like textures. The headboard may be colored in mud or sand tones and you can place murals picturing beaches on the walls. The furniture must be colored in mahogany shades and try to spread all around the room.

Do not use normal carpets in this bedroom. If you really want something, choose plastic pen stands or light stands using a coconut design. You must have large windows and lots of sun and the reproduction is complete.

Bedrooms with forest themes

This theme is not very hard to reproduce, has no special requirements like the previous one, so you can design it even in a small apartment.

When painting the walls, choose a really dark green tone, or you can opt for nice wallpapers. This one has the advantage of being cheaper, but it does not have the same effect. Murals are also an option. The furniture can be colored in dark brown, meanwhile for the bed sheets and pillowcases you can choose white and green. To be bolder, cover the bed with a zebra pattern blanket.

Add some exotic indoor plants such as Chinese bamboo and if you can afford it, buy a hanging fountain that will also sound like in a tropical forest.

The floors are also an important part and the color must be dark brown. You can opt for prefinished hardwood floors. Lighting fixtures are not to be forgotten. Add some dark or white lighting and wood textured light stands.

Even if it seems difficult, I ensure you that the result is worth all your efforts.

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