Interesting ideas to make a small bedroom look big and airy

Nowadays, with this economical crisis, people do not afford to buy large houses because they are very expensive and hard to maintain. But, we are also used to buy a lot of things that crowd our space and make it look even smaller.  Although we can buy only small houses, there are a few things we can do to make them look bigger.

Many people ask the help of interior designers to help them make their rooms in the house look larger. It is not very difficult to do that by your own if you are a creative and inventive person. Both way, this is a necessary thing we have to do in order to make our houses and especially our bedrooms look more spacious and airy.

One of the easiest ways to make a bedroom look larger is to decorate it in the right colors. Choosing a wrong color for the walls will have a disastrous effect. Besides the fact that an improper color may crowd the space, it will make the bedroom look very small. If you want to avoid this situation, you should consider a few things. The best choice to paint the walls of your bedroom is to pick up natural, pastel or nude colors. Use a lighter tone for the ceiling to make it look higher. Use lighter paint colors than the interior of your room. Dark colors have to be avoided because they can make a small bedroom look petite.

 Suitable beds

Every bedroom includes a bed. This is the most important piece of furniture so you have to pick it very carefully if you have a small bedroom. Do not achieve a high bed because it will make the ceiling look very short. You are allowed to buy a bed that presents a headboard but do not choose one that has a footboard because it will occupy too much space. The linen should also have a lighter color than the walls. Do not buy more than five pillows for your bed.

LCD or flat TV

If you have an old fashion TV, replace it with an LCD. Old TVs occupy a lot of space and crowd the bedroom. to avoid this, install your new or existent LCD on the wall to save some space. This way you will save a significant floor space. If you do not want or you do not afford a new LCD, at least install your box TV on the wall to save space.


The best material for flooring is wood because it creates the illusion of a bigger space. Large wood flooring boards in a light color will make your room more spacious and airy. If you like wallpapers and you want one installed into your bedroom, use a simple and plain one that works well with the flooring. Avoid choosing wallpapers with dark designs. If you do not like large flooring boards you can use smaller boards as long as they have a very light color. Dark colors can also be used for the flooring only if there is plenty of natural light inside your bedroom.


Everybody knows that mirrors can make a small space look bigger. It is not recommended to have many mirrors inside your bedroom because they will occupy a lot of space. Place two enormous mirrors into the room to make your space look double sized. Also, you can add a smaller mirror near the window to reflect natural light. Take another small mirror and place it in the front of the bed or in one corner to create the impression of a larger space. The best idea is to put a very big mirror into a corner and a smaller one right next to the window.

Proper wardrobes and closets

Many people tend to buy massive wardrobes or closets, which occupy a lot of space. If you are one of these people, replace your big wardrobe with closets that present sliding doors. Another option is to install walk-in wardrobe or closets, if you have enough space to expand into your house. You can also keep your shoes there if you build some small storage places below.  This will help you save a lot of space. In addition, try to avoid furniture that is very hard to move.


A bedroom should provide enough lights for you to feel comfortable. Lights are very important elements when it comes to decorating your bedroom.  The most important thing you should keep in mind is to avoid installing any light on the furniture because you will make the space look smaller. Instead, imbed lights in the ceiling or you can install one light in one corner of the room. a light in the wall is very useful if you work late at night or if you like reading before falling asleep.

 Something more

If you do not want to use more space for shoe racks, make some compartments below your closets to keep your shoes. You can always pick up a shoji instead of a walk-in wardrobe if necessary. But take care because it is not very easy to find a shoji that can be folded. If all the tables and chairs in stores look too big for your bedroom, achieve a customized set that fits into your space. Add only one mat near the table to avoid crowding the place.

These were the most interesting ideas to make a small bedroom look larger. Try them out and you will see the difference. If you have a new home, make a detailed plan before starting to decorate it. This way you will be able to change things until you are satisfied with the result.

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