Decorating ideas for a girl's bedroom

Decorating the bedroom for a girl is an easy task to accomplish if you keep in mind a few tips. The most important thing you should take into account when decorating the bedroom for a girl is her age. A little girl for example will love pink walls and designs representing small butterflies, bunnies, princesses and the like.

But, if you plan to decorate a bedroom for a teenage girl it is advisable to ask her opinion before starting your job. Teenage girls have their own personalities and tastes and usually they prefer other colors than pink and white.

 Suitable theme

When you want to decorate the bedroom for your girl firs you need to decide on the theme. You can choose a popular theme or you can design one for a more personal look. But also, the theme depends on your girls age. For a little girl, themes like ballerina, princess, fairy tales, etc will look very nice. However, the theme for a teenage girl’s bedroom should reflect her age and hobbies. You ca choose music theme, books theme, vehicle theme, beach theme, music theme, etc. you can also buy custom-made pieces of furniture and ornamental things representing he theme you have chosen. You will find a multitude on the market.

Paint colors for the walls

Although you may believe that pink is suitable for any girl’s bedroom you are wrong. You can use this color to paint the walls in a little girl’s bedroom, but not in the bedroom of a teenage girl. Purple is a very popular color used to decorate bedrooms for girls, but I you do not like neither pink nor purple or you just do not want to use these colors because they are very common for this purpose you can choose other nice colors and shades. For example, you can combine to or more colors and use interior paint designs for a more attractive look. a great idea is to paint the walls in sunshine yellow and decorate one wall with yellow and pink stripes. You can also combine beige and orange for this purpose.


The theme of the room and the furniture should work together perfectly. You can achieve a bed that matches the theme you have chosen for the room. If the room is shard, bunk bed are the best option for you. The bedroom for a girl should also include a dresser with a mirror, side tables and closets. If you are not sure about the color of the furniture, you can choose white. White furniture will work with any theme and paint color in the room, but it needs to be cleaned quite often because it gets dirty very fast. A light tone of yellow is perfect for the furniture.

 Accent pieces

Any accent item you want to add in the bedroom of your girl must match the theme and design in the room. You can decorate the room with toys, paintings, flowers, funky music shelves, posters, photo frames, vases with flowers and the like. They will look great if they match the theme of the bedroom.

These were a few ideas that could help you decorate the bedroom for your girl. Just keep in mind that if your girl is already a teenager, ask her opinion before starting this project.

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