Attractive ideas to decorate small bedrooms

Small bedrooms require special attention when decorating them because using too many elements can make the space look even smaller. There are many interesting decoration tips that can make a small bedroom look very comfortable and spacious.

 Ideas to decorate small bedrooms


Choosing the right color to paint the walls of your small bedroom is the first thing you have to do.

Colors can make any space look larger or smaller. This does not mean that you have to use only light colors to decorate a small bedroom. The best choice is to use deep or bright colors to paint the walls in your room. More than that, you can use contrasting tones and even a monochromatic color scheme that includes two different shades of one color. If you like dark colors, you can use one to paint only one wall in your room. Keep the rest of the walls in a light shade. Bright colors can make any room look very interesting and beautiful.


As for the furniture, opt for small pieces and include only the necessary ones into your small room. The most important piece of furniture is the bed. Do not opt for a huge bed because it will occupy a lot of space. Instead, choose a full-sized one, a twin bed or a sofa cum bed. Also, keep in mind to go for a bed that has a sleek and good design. You can also include other pieces of furniture into your small bedroom such as shelves, closet, tables, etc. Sleek furniture is the best choice for small spaces. More than that, you have to take into account the way you arrange every piece of furniture. A normal arrangement or an angle one will fit well. Keep in mind to keep the doorway empty.


Now, it is time to choose the accessories. You can opt for accessories that match the color of the walls or a contrasting color. For a more attractive look, opt for unconventional patterns and a fresh design. For example, you can choose long curtains with trendy holders to make the room look higher. Use the holder to keep the curtains tied during time in order to allow natural light get into the room, thus making it look more spacious. Decorate the floor with a nice rug to complement the look.


Finally yet importantly is the lighting. This element can make any room look very spacious if chosen properly. For plenty of natural light opt for very big windows. It is better if they are oriented to your garden. The outside view will add a natural touch to your room.  Place ornamental lamps in the corners of the room will illuminate the room better. Another great idea is to install a mirror on the wall opposite to the window. The mirror will reflect natural light, thus making the room look larger.

Make sure you avoid clutter when decorating a small bedroom. The main idea is to choose elements that will make the room look comfortable and spacious.

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