Give your vanity a shabby chic look

A vanity is an important piece of furniture for women because they use it to keep and use their make-up products. Therefore, choosing the right style for this piece of furniture is also important. If you want to give your room a special look, pick up a shabby chic style for your vanity.

There are many shabby chic pieces of furniture available on the market, but they are not cheap at all. Creating this look with your own hands will both help you save a significant amount of money and you will be able to personalize your vanity.

How to do it:

  •  Pick up medium grit sandpaper and sand only some parts of the vanity, including its corners and edges.
  •  Clean the dust resulted from your previous action with a soft cloth.
  •  Following the manufacturer’s instructions utilize the top and base coats of a two –part crackle blaze to cover the whole piece of furniture. Let the crackle glaze get dry.
  •  Utilize a clean rag to cover the vanity with a layer of antique glaze. Clean the glaze into the vanity with circular movements and pressing, insisting on cracks.
  •  Remove excessive antique glaze using a soft cloth and then allow it to dry.
  •  Use an oil-based varnish to cover the vanity. This will give a special air to your favorite piece of furniture.
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