How to use a tile saw to cut concrete pavers

The tile saw is the best instrument to use when you want to lay down a new patio or walkway. The blade is perfect to cut concrete pavers.
Here are a few steps to get the work done using such an instrument.

Step 1:
Pour water in the reservoir tank and fill it. It is necessary to do that because the liquid washes down the paver when the saw is working in order to clean the dust and it keeps the saw from heating over the limit.

Step 2:
You need to know how much will you cut so measure the size of each paver and mark it with a nail or screw. Make the mark all across the surface.

Step 3:
Place the paver on the tile saw’s feed rail. For safety, wear eye goggles. Wet the paving stone; this keeps the surface from chipping.

Step 4:
The paver must reach the blade, so push it slowly. You don’t want to go too fast and ruin the cut. Also, an uneven cut will result if you use different speed and pressure along the process.

Step 5:
Once the paver reaches the blade, continue pushing and use constant pressure. When you feel that the blade is bogging down and lowers its speed, reduce the speed given to the stone. Don’t let the blade move too slowly or you will end up not being able to cut.
Still, if the blade moves with a small speed, pull the paver away and let the blade retrieve its rhythm. This should last 5 seconds and after you can have another try.

Use protection for the hands. Even if the blades are not sharp, they cut because they are abrasive. Take off all long jewelry (necklaces, bracelets) before you start the operation.

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