About organic weed killer

Organic weed killers are more environmentally, emitting less dangerous chemicals. This type of weed killer also keeps your garden healthier and harm free.

Organic weed killer is less expensive

The organic weed killer is homemade and much cheaper than commercial herbicides.

You just need to spray vinegar onto the weeds, careful not to get any on your other plants. This solution is more environmentally friendly compared to commercial chemical herbicide.

Organic weed killer, protects your health

If you accidentally spray commercial herbicide on your vegetables for example, they will be harmful for your health if ingested. The plant can still be affected from underground if the solution entered the soil, so just washing the vegetables won’t help you get rid of the toxic substance.

Manual weed killing

You may have a landscape fabric and mulch set into place but weeds could still grow through. In this case, you could just get a pair of garden gloves and pull the weeds manually out of the ground instead of using a chemical weed killer. This way you can also see if there is anything wrong with the roots or if there is any pest infestation.

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