PVC irrigation pipe - Leak repair

If your PVC irrigation pipe shows signs of leakage, the hardest part of the repairing process is spotting the leaks themselves. This is especially hard if the pipes are underground. Once you’ve found the leaks, repairing them requires a little knowledge.

Tools and materials needed

  • Hand saw- one that is able to cut through piping
  • Tape measure
  • Pipe that is longer than the leak
  • 2 slip joint connectors
  • PVC glue
  • PVC primer

Start off by exposing the pipe that has problems. You may require to dig some 8-10 inches around the pipe in order to have enough work space. Make sure the water is turned off while you work and until you are finished. Once turned off, the pipe will release the remaining water and release all the pressure in the system.

Now you must cut the leaking area of the pipe. Be sure to cut a bigger part than the actual leak. Measure the removed piece and cut a new piece of pipe 1 inch shorter than the one you removed. Attach the new piece to the rest of the system using couplings and primer on both ends. Glue the interior of the pipe piece on both ends before attaching it. Let the flue dry and then turn the water on. Check the system for any leaks and if you find any other, repeat the repairing process for each.

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