Vegetable garden irrigation system

Vegetable gardens require a proper amount of water, distributed along evenly across the whole area. A drip irrigation system is the most efficient system to use for this garden.

Start off by planning the tubing design.

Draw the scaled garden on a graph paper. A large tube will represent the main water pipe. It will branch off into several smaller pipes. Make sure the system is spread out evenly along the garden. Allow 12 inches of space between the tubing rows.

Next you must cut the tubing to the proper size and attach them using connectors. The size of the tubes will get smaller with the direction of the water flow. Use a tack or a hole puncher to make holes in the tube along the entire tube. Make holes 18 inches apart or even closer. To assure a spraying pattern, connect a misting nozzle over the holes.

Attach the tubing to the main water source which can be a water faucet. Make sure the connection is water tight. Next, install a pressure regulator and a vacuum breaker to the system to control the pressure of the water flow and prevent water going back into the system.

Flush the tubing for less than a minute to clean the line. The water coming out of the system must be clean. The tubes ends must be closed off by folding the tube over itself and using a clamp. Water mustn’t pass through anywhere else but the punctured holes.

Finally, turn the water on and inspect the system to see if it works properly. Punch more holes if needed. If any spray attachment doesn’t work, remove it and clean it.

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