How to choose the right high chair for your baby

Until your baby can stay on a normal chair at the table you need a high chair that is especially made for infants. Before you go and purchase one, there are a few things you should take into account.

The most important characteristic of a high chair is to provide safety for your baby.

Just look very carefully at its base: it has to be wide in order to provide stability. Parents usually recommend chairs that are certified by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association because these products have no sharp edge, present locking devices and come with detailed instructions about usage, assembling and maintenance. Take care to avoid chairs that can break easily because your baby can fall down and get hurt.

Check out to see if the chair has safety belts to keep your baby in place and  stop him from falling down. Search for a multifunctional high chair that can serve as a place to sit while your baby eats and also as a recliner while your baby takes a short nap. There are also special chairs that can be used while traveling; they are both practical and useful.

The material of the chair is also important. Choose a chair that presents a washable cover, which can be easily removed,  and a practical plastic tray.

As for the color and pattern there are various models available on the market to choose from.

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