A safe crib to keep your baby safe

A baby crib is the most important piece of furniture in the nursery room because it represents the place where your baby spends most of his or her time. That’s why it is very important to ensure that it is safe.

If you are going to use an old crib for your baby make sure to check if there are any missing parts to prevent unpleasant or even dangerous situation.

Any missing hardware can make the crib break and your baby fall down and get hurt.

Make sure that your crib has all the slats fixed in the right place and that the space between them is about 2,375 inches. If the distance between the slats is too big, your baby’s head or body can stick in there. Also, check out the distance between the crib and the mattress; if it is too large, your baby can get stuck. Try to avoid covering your baby with a blanket; a sleeper is much safer. Soft mattresses are not recommended because they can cause suffocation. Make sure the corners of the crib have the same height as the corner posts.

It is not recommended that a baby crib should present a decorative opening because your baby can trap his or her head in there. If there are any threads on the crib remove them otherwise your baby may struggle himself. Also, do not hang toys to the crib with cord or string and avoid placing the crib near a curtain or a blind because they pose a suffocation risk. Check the crib regularly to see if there is any missing or loose hardware.

It is highly recommended to use organic bedding and mattress in your nursery crib. Also, remove old paint because it may contain lead, which is a toxic heavy metal. Instead, use a lead-free paint to color your baby’s crib.

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