Bringing life to an old baby crib

By painting it you can bring to life a used or an old crib and allows you to control the nursery designs. The following lines will help you accomplish this task successfully.

Prepare the crib

If your crib has been painted before, you need to clean it before starting any other operation.

Then, sand the surface of the furniture using sandpaper to smooth it. Apply a thin layer of primer and let it get dry.

Decide on the color

If you don’t know the sex of your baby yet, use neutral colors to paint the crib. You can also use complementary or pastel colors if you want to paint the crib in two or more colors. Make sure that the paint is lead-free in order to protect both the safety of your baby and the environment. You can achieve it from a local store in your area.

Do not use spray paints because they can get into the slats. For better results use a roller and not a paintbrush.

Do not forget

Take care to let the first layer of paint dry very well before applying a second one. When you finish painting the crib, don’t take it into the baby’s room immediately; allow paint fumes to disappear. You can also place some bowels filled with white vinegar to absorb the fumes emitted by the paint.

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