Toy boxes - storage and organization

If you have kids you surely know that they spread their toys all over the house. In order to keep them stored and have a clean house, you can use toy boxes.

How to decorate them

If you want to save money, achieve a simple toy box made of wood.

Apply a layer of paint in the color you want and write your child’s name on it using wooden letters. Apply nice wallpaper or you can just paint a border around it to make your child’s toy box special. To make it more practical you can also put a cushion on the top of the box; your child will enjoy sitting there.

How to organize toys

In order to organize the toys you can use an existent cabinet. A kitchen cabinet or a closet is also a perfect choice to accomplish this task. You can also achieve some plastic drawers with lids to store the toys when your child does not play with them. Put the toys in different drawers depending on the category they belong to and label each drawer with pictures or words. This way you will keep your house clean.


There are many options when it comes to store and organize your child’s toys. For example, you can achieve some wicker baskets and put them on an existent table, desk or a shelf in the house. They are great to store toys. Also, you can use canvas boxes and add them to a side table. They are very nice and are available in many colors and dimensions. Another great idea is to buy a big vintage trunk; big hat boxes can also be used to store toys. Ottomans, for example, are very practical because they can be used as tables, sitting and storage places. Coffee tables with drawers provide a lot of space to hide toys.


The most important thing to do is to place your toy boxes at an accessible height for your child. Also, make sure the toy box is safe. If you know that your kid does not use some toys anymore, you can store them higher. Avoid using plastic zip-lock bags because your child can swallow their small parts and choke. Cloth bags with zippers or bins with lids are a much better choice.

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