How to choose the perfect baby crib

When it comes to baby cribs, there are several types available on the market to choose from. The most important thing to take into account  when achieving one is to provide safety. If you want to buy an older baby crib, it will probably need some changes.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when going shopping.

  •  Safety is the most important

Old baby cribs do not provide the same safety as modern cribs, due to several reasons. For example, the distance between the slots is quite large, thus allowing your child to get out of the crib or to get stuck in there. Also, the distance between the top of your baby’s crib mattress and the top of the raised side must be more than 25 inches. So take care to check very carefully these two aspects if you intend to buy an old baby crib.

  •  An investment for the future

It is advisable for you to achieve a multipurpose crib that can work as an infant crib, a toddler bed and also as a full-sized bed. Although it may be quite expensive, a multipurpose crib is an investment for the future that can last more than 15 years.  Just take care to choose a popular design.

  •  The importance of the mattress

You should pay the same attention when choosing the mattress as you did with the crib. Make sure that the mattress presents no sags, spots or any cloth coverage. It is recommended to buy a new mattress for your baby’s crib; you can find one to a local store in your area or online. A good mattress will not be expensive at all.

  •  Accessories

Many parents also choose to buy toys and a mobile for their baby’s crib; just make sure not to use the mobile when your baby is big enough to take it from its place. At the same time, ensure that there is no possibility for the mobile to fall into the crib. You can also buy toys that are baby safe and fix them on the wall of the crib.

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