To sweat is healthy

For almost everyone sweating is an unpleasant process that can make one feel really embarrassed if this occurs in a public place or while having a talk with some friends or neighbors. This belief is fortified by the fact that commercials for deodorants and antiperspirants describe perspiration as uncivilized and shameful. People try very often to stop perspiration by different physical exercises or weightlifting.

But, as a matter of fact perspiration is a biological process that has several health benefits:

–          it removes the water excess from the body;

–          controls the body’s temperature;

–          eliminates toxins and heavy metals from our body;

–          Helps moisturizing our skin.

As we all know, the skin is the biggest organ of the body and there are almost 2,5 million sweat glands in the normal person.

30 percent of the water in our body is eliminated through the pores of the skin while the rest of 70 percent is eliminated with the help of the lungs, bowel and kidneys. The sweat glands can be divided into two categories: eccrine sweat glands and apocrine sweat glands.

The apocrine sweat glands are placed around genital organs, under the arms and end up in hair follicles through where they get perspiration out of the body. It is to be noticed that perspiration released by the apocrine sweat glands have a distinctive smell.

Eccrine sweat glands can be found all over the body surface and eliminate perspiration through the skin pores. The sweat released by eccrine glands is clear, have no odor and helps the body to cool its temperature. Due to its multiple health benefits, perspiration is a vital process that can be stimulated by regular sauna baths. Saunas do not provide only a physical clean, but also mental relaxation. Researchers believe that the air inside a sauna is charged with negative ions which help us release the stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Using a residential sauna every day will improve your life for sure by cleaning both your body and your mind. If you want to sweat as much as possible using saunas take care to ask your health professional to prescribe you a proper program to follow. These sweat baths are not just very healthy, but also very relaxing and comfortable both for your body and mind.

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