Facts about far infrared saunas

Although most people take sunbaths and protect themselves from the ultraviolet rays using different special lotions, others have started to discover the benefits of far infrared saunas in their own houses.

Far infrared saunas or heat therapy rooms are very popular among sauna bathers. The main characteristic of this type of sauna is that it uses direct light conversion.

This means that only the bather’s body is heated and not the air around him or her. To better understand this heating system, think about the fact that when you are outside on a hot sunny day and a cloud gets in front of the sun, you don’t feel as warm as you were when the sun rays touched your body directly. It is to be noticed that even if you feel cooler, the temperature of the air is the same.

Because far infrared rays can get to almost three inches into your body, they help improving your blood circulation and make your body produce less lactic acid. Far infrared rays can also stimulate endorphins and burn calories.

Far infrared energy is beneficial for people suffering from hyperthermia. The higher temperature of the body fights against any infection and even cancer.

During time, bathers have tested the health benefits that sauna therapy provides and they realized that this process helps improving the health of both your body and your mind. The traditional Finnish sauna is for many people, the right path to a better life. The main difference between infrared saunas and traditional Finnish saunas is that the first one provides the same health benefits but using more tolerable temperatures.

The heat inside the infrared saunas get to almost 55 degrees Celsius and makes a bather’s body sweat heavily, thus eliminating toxins and heavy metals from his or her body.

Far infrared rays are very beneficial for humans, plants and animals. Take advantage of your infrared sauna and use it as often as possible.

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