Indoor sauna planning tips

A sauna will offer you many relaxation and health advantages. You must be careful with the designing process.

Location and space

Determine the location of your sauna.

It should be close to some showers to provide a cooling area. A common sauna size is 6 feet and can house 3-4 people.


There are 3 types of heating you can use. Electrical heating is probably the most convenient because of the easy access. Gas heating is cheaper as long as you can hook up the system easily. Using wood as a heating fuel can offer the sauna a pleasant aroma. It is up to you to decide.


Consult the Internet or some magazines on different sauna styles. You can either purchase a prefab kit or get a custom design. The kit has all the things you need like cladding, insulation, lighting, heaters, thermometers and benches. It is easy to install.


To assure proper ventilation, you can have a sliding door installed, not more than 54 inches off the floor. It will control the amount of air passing through. This will increase the effectiveness of the heater.


To properly insulate the sauna and increase the overall effect of the sauna you must insulate it using aluminum or fiber glass. The whole sauna must be covered with the insulating material.

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