Types of dry wood termite treatments

Dry wood termites are a serious danger for household wood items and furniture. They can survive with little moisture and are usually detected when it is too late.

You can either adopt a whole structure termite treatment or a spot treatment to get rid of dry wood termites.

The whole structure treatment needs to be used when the termites have infested the structural wood parts of the house, while the spot treatment is used on small areas, when infestation has reached furniture or other wooden items.

Fumigation method

One of the most effective termite treatments is fumigation. It will eliminate 99% of the termite colony and requires about 2 days to complete the process. The house needs to be enveloped in an airtight tarp or tarpaulin. After that, the house is filled with toxic gas. The chemicals used are toxic for humans and animals. Also, no food must remain in the house during the fumigation.

Heat method

A non-chemical treatment can be done by covering the infested area with polyethylene or vinyl sheets and then inserting temperature probes that will generate high amounts of heat using a propane heater. The heat will kill the termites. After the desired temperature is reached the area must be cooled to avoid structural damage.

Cold method

Another spot treatment includes the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill the termites instantly. The liquid is poured into the requires area.

Wood injection method

One of the most common spot treatments involve drilling the wood in the infested area and applying pesticides that will kill the termites.

Borate treatment

Borate is very effective in killing termites. It can be applied as a spray or a foam, directly on the desired infested location.

Microwave method

A good method of killing termites in easily reachable spots is using microwave devices. The microwaves will instantly kill the termites.

Electric method

To use this method you must inject the infested area with metal pellets and then pass a hand gun that provides high voltage, low current energy over the area with the pellets to kill the termites.

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