Preventing termites with treated lumber

Termites can cause great damage to your house but luckily with some soil treatments, the problem can be fixed. If your house is made of wood in a large proportion, then you should think of treating the lumber. The chemical substances can be found at any home store and the entire treatment doesn’t take more than a few days.


  1. First go to a home and garden supply store and buy a borax-based chemical treatment solution.
  2. Use a complete safety equipment with gloves, mask and glasses and read the instructions for the solution before using it.
  3. The solution has to be applied on the wood with a paintbrush or if you have the possibility, use a garden hose spray.
  4. Let the first layer of solution to dry at least a day and then apply another layer for extra protection.


  • It’s better to treat the wood that has not been treated before with anything else. For example, if you treat wood that has been water sealed, your entire work will be useless.
  • Try to keep the borax solution away from your skin because it can cause severe irritation.
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