Avoid dry wood termite infestation

Stopping a dry wood termite infestation will save you a lot of money on house repairs. If left undisturbed, termites will build colonies in the wood and destroy it slowly but surely. They can cause serious structural damage.

Also, they are very hard to detect early.


Mount screens on the vent openings to prevent termites from entering the house. Use 20-grade screen mesh. Mount these screens on windows and doors too.

Wood treating

If you need to replace any wood piece, use Spanish cedar or bald cypress because they have a natural resistance to dry wood termites. Also, treat them with the Timbor insecticide. This insecticide will prevent the termites from digesting wood. It is weakly toxic to humans and pets.

Wood injecting

Another good way of getting rid of termites is using Dri-Out, a product that is injected into the wood and treats it so it will eliminate termites. It is not toxic.

Wood spraying

When spraying the wood around your house it is recommended to hire a professional. More than likely he will use a termiticide and fungicide solution that will last the entire lifespan of the wood. Ask the professional what spray is he using and what toxicity level is it. This way you will avoid intoxicating your property and poisoning yourself and your family.

Firewood relocation

Any firewood you use must be kept away from the home, even if you use it for warming and cooking. Also, relocate your lumber for home improvement.

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