Termite damages

Sometimes termite damages are identified only when it’s too late. This situation can be prevented if homeowners would know what to look for when they inspect their houses.

About mud tubes

One of the usual signs of termites is the mud tubes they are making through areas of a building.

The size of these small tubes is equal to a drinking straw and they can be found in places like door and window frames, cracks in chimneys, concrete foundations or stone work. Using a flashlight you can easily find the tubes in these areas.

About hollow wood

In order to find termite damages, you can use a screwdriver to knock in different spots on the wall. If there is a wood that has a hollow sound, then you have to remove it and look for termite damage. Damaged wood cannot be found for a long time because termites are eating it from the inside out and not the other way around. Other things to look for are bulging walls, sagging ceilings and painted wood.

Other types of physical evidence

In the places where termites find food sources, they also leave piles of fecal matter. Windows, vents, lights and doors can also be places where termites can be found. If live termites are not present, then some body parts or wings can be found.

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