Facts about wood windows

Nowadays, wooden windows are the most common and popular windows used. Wood has many qualities: it is natural and beautiful, it is a very good insulator, and can be crafted into many products. It also requires minimal maintenance if treated and sealed the way it should be.

Different types of wood have different advantages so you have a wide range of wood types to choose from.

Oak wood

Oak is a very popular type of wood used for windows, especially American white oak. This type of wood contains a lot of moisture so make sure it has been dried in a kiln before you use it for window frames, as it can bend out of shape otherwise.

Mahogany wood

Frequently used for furniture and other decor products, it is one of the most costly of all wood types. The best mahogany is from Brazil but good quality mahogany is the also the Luann, from the Philippines. A cheaper type of mahogany is the Merati mahogany from Malaysia, great for constructing window frames

Maple wood

Maple is one of the toughest types of wood. It usually comes from Canada. It has a tight grain and will resist for a long period of time. It is the best type of wood for sash windows.

Wood its self is a very costly material. It just has to be sealed perfectly and there is no doubt it will last for years to come.

Upside of wooden windows

Wooden windows have many advantages. The most important one is related to its insulating properties. Window frames made out of wood will surely reduce heating bills, especially if they are fitted with double gazed glass. Also, during summer, the inside of the house is kept cooler.

Vinyl or wood?

Nowadays, vinyl windows are chosen over wooden windows because they don’t require any sort of maintenance. Even so, wooden windows are highly durable and should last for years to come. Also, wooden windows match any house, no matter how old it is.

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