Chimney crown installation tips

A chimney crown is a very important addition to the house. It protects the chimney and more precisely the chimney mortar from factors like rain. There are many techniques to install a chimney crown, some more recent than other.

Roof protection

Even if it is a simple and common thing to do, many people who install a chimney cap by their own do not place a drop cloth on top of the chimney and so ruin their chimney. Carefully chisel the chimney and avoid damaging the chimney flue.

Cement mixture

A proper chimney crown is a built when you pour the cement without any lumps in it. The dry ingredients must be properly mixed before adding water. This way there will be no lumps in the mixture. Also, applying a cup of bonding agent to the mixture right before it reaches the desired consistency will help give the cement a proper shape.

Air bubbles

Chop the cement with a trowel to release the air bubbles from it. Any air bubbles will make the mixture less likely to properly stick to the chimney flue surface.

Proper measurements

If the chimney flue is at more than six inches away from the chimney, you must place the crown at 4 inches from the flue top. If the flue is less than 6 inches away from the chimney, the crown should be about 2 inches from the flue top.

Waterproof crown

Waterproof the crown applying a layer of water sealant when the crown is completely dry. If you don’t want to use waterproofing, you should purchase and install a stainless steel chimney cap on the crown.

Safety measures

If you have any issues related to heights, you shouldn’t attempt this project. Also, working on wet or sloping roofs is highly unrecommended. Use proper protective gear and never work alone. If you can’t handle the task, hire a professional to do it for you.

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