Bedroom theme ideas

When it comes to decorating a bedroom, we all have in mind the perfect design. Whether we have seen a picture online or in a magazine representing the bedroom of our dreams, we want to make our room look like that. The most important element when decorating a bedroom is the theme we choose.

And believe me, there are many beautiful themes we can use for our private rooms. Let us take a look to some of them!

Traditional ritzy style

This style is characterized by richness and sophistication. If you want to make your bedroom traditional ritzy, use bold and warm colors for the walls and accessories. Color schemes that include purple, beige, brown and red are perfect for this style. In order to balance these bold colors, combine them with neutrals. For example, you can paint the walls in a neutral color; choose warm-colored linen and dark-colored furniture. Paint the walls of your bedroom in white, decorate the bed with red linen, install dark-brown furniture and white table lamps. For the floor, use red patterned carpets. Use silver ornaments and a chandelier in a neutral color to complement the look.

 Contemporary zest style

If you want a modern bedroom, contemporary zest style is the perfect choice for you. You have two options for this purpose: to choose one color and decorate the room with several shades of this color or pick up two or three colors for your purpose. For example, pick up blue for the walls and a darker shade of blue for the curtains. Pick up different textures in blue for the ornamental decorations, but keep the bedspread in a neutral color. In addition, opt for blue pieces of furniture and have some blue cushions for a more attractive look. If you can see the sky from your large window, inspire yourself from its shades of blue. This way you will feel closer to the sky.

 Tomorrow’s suave style

Tomorrow’s suave style is represented by nude and bland tones such as light pink, beige and white in combination with contrasting colors. Also, this style is characterized by minimal interior decoration. Paint the walls in cream and achieve crisp white bedspread. Add lampshades in a similar color. More than that, you can install cream flooring. In order to spice up the room, choose sleek fabrics and strong colors for the curtains such as purple, red, blue, yellow. Add a modern sculpture or a wall hanging to complement the room and voila!

When decorating a bedroom choose a theme that represents your likes and tastes and let your imagination free. Do not be afraid to try new and modern things; the result may look better than you have ever believed.

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